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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Motorcycle Insurance

Import Motorcycle Insurance
In the recent years, there has been a massive increase in the number of vehicles being imported into the country. This trend that started since 2000, has geared up into full form in the recent years. Most of these imported vehicles are Chinese bikes, scooters and mopeds. This seems to be much of a growing trend these days and with imported vehicles raises the need to insure them as well. Today you can find more and more manufacturers brining in their vehicles into the country and as the race grows, so does the number of insurers as well. Yet in spite of all such advancements in the import vehicle industry, it is still quite a difficult process to get a good import motorcycle insurance today.

What is import motorcycle insurance?
Since import motorcycles are cheaper than the usual ones these days, there are lots of them to be easily found around us. But with new imported bikes comes the need to insure them as well. This is where we have the import motorcycle insurance coming in. Though a majority of insurers and brokers might not be even aware of such insurance, in time to come this type of insurance will become quite important. Import motorcycle insurance helps you to insure your vehicle imported from a foreign country and registered fresh in this country.
What does it cover?
There is a problem with most import motorcycles – their spare parts are not easy to get and in most cases they are not readily available. So when a claim arises with regard to a repair of import motorcycle, the insurer may find it difficult to source such a part and even get authorized repairs for the same. That is why it might be difficult for you to find insurers providing you a complete or fully comprehensive coverage. In cases where you can find one, they might offer you a very high quote – even something more costly than the vehicle itself. The normal coverage offered include third party only bike insurance, third party fire and theft bike insurance, and comprehensive bike insurance.
Why is it different to normal motorcycle insurance?
Import motorcycle insurance is quite different from normal motorcycle insurance because of the reason that it is imported and you need an extra insurance package in this regard. Insurance companies require a completely registered vehicle to provide insurance and to get a registration, insurance is required – this is a pretty tricky situation. So normal motorcycle insurance cannot work for this one! To get your import motorcycle insurance, you need to first register your vehicle in this country and then only you can avail such insurance.
How to find cheap motorcycle insurance?
In order to make you motorcycle insurance cheaper, you need to add a voluntary access to your motorbike policy and add security to your bike like parking it in the garage rather than on the road. Also you need to restrict the number of drivers and the age of drivers included in your policy. Finally, drive a low grouped bike to lower your insurance premiums.

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