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Monday, September 5, 2011

History of Choppers

Author: Chris Martin

Many people are crazy about bikes and for them it does not count the number  of bikes they have. This craze gives them the possession of some of the most adorable bikes, in the motorcyclist community you will find a group of people who love their bikes to be responding to the basics. They are the persons who love to ride bikes that are powerful , fast and just have the essentials. Further chopper have a unique styling statement to them. Choppers are created by taking an existing bike or an ew bike  tearing them apart and creating a bike which is on their own terms and specifications; this is how the creation of choppers takes place. To define choppers, is obviously a difficult task,choppers are fairly flexible customized motorcycles which do not possess anything else other than what is required for it go- from windshields and mirrors to the brakes and the speedometers.

As far as the history of chopper is concerned, the choppers were developed after the Second World War. The former soldiers wanted the motorcycles like the one’s they drove during the war, so they brought  bikes and modified them according to the one’s they had during the war times. The bikes that they built were like the ones wherein the front fender were taken off from the bikes and the rear fender came into two sections and the soldiers just took off the rear most portion. The new shorter fenders were called as bobbed fenders and the people who used the bikes after such modifications were referred to as bobbers. After this there were radical changes in the bikes or to the choppers, there was a state wherein many of the people would strip every piece of the bike and rebuild it strip by strip. Building a chopper requires lots of knowledge about the engineering of the bikes. They fabricated the different parts including the exhaust pipes or gas tank so that they could feel the experience of their self designed bikes. It was at this stage that the people began to call these bikes as choppers because they had chopped each and every part of the bike and created something new. In the 1960’s and 1970’s some of the movies like the "The Wild One" and the "Easy rider" featured these choppers and thus the choppers were in the limelight. It was after this that the nation saw many chopper enthusiasts , the crazy bikers almost spent about months and several weeks to design their customized bikes and all for various needs like comfort, touring, speed and even to create the styling statement.In the 1980s the motorcycle companies also began to offer the customized bikes or the choppersbased on some of the most popular designs. But after the economic recession the culture of choppersso its decline but how long the crazy bike users can survive in 1990 again there were many companies offering many different varieties of choppers. In this recent days the choppers new creation really rocks.

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