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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Harley-Davidson Storage Bubble

The first time I saw a photograph of the Harley-Davidson Bubble in action, I thought I was looking at a fancy little toy motorcycle in a plastic display case destined for a mantel somewhere. Upon closer inspection I realized that it was no toy at all, but a full-size Harley with all the trimmings in a protective, as the name states, bubble.
Harley-Davidson Bubble This is for the biker who really, really loves their ride. The Bubble will accommodate any make or model motorcycle, although I doubt a trike would fit. You won't even have to take off your windshield or bags.
Using a standard 110-volt outlet, the Bubble creates a constant flow of fresh, filtered air across your bike. It won't even know that it's parked. This process creates an atmosphere around your machine that is free of condensation and dust, thus drastically reducing the chance of corrosion.

Since you love your machine so well as to get it such a gift, you probably want to show it off. Gone are the days of an amorphous gray blob at the back of your garage that might be a stored motorcycle, and here are the days of full view storage. Remember how I said this looked like a toy for display? Well, in a way, it is. The Bubble will act as a protective display case for your machine during the off season. When riding days are here again, your bike will be dry, clean, and ready for the road.

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